Termly Professional Services Management Team Meeting - 1 May 2014

On 1 May 2014 the termly Professional Services Management Team Meeting took place in the PDR at County South.

Around 90 people attended the meeting, the first hour was devoted to a presentation and Q&A session with the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor who updated us on the implementation of the University Strategy. For the second part of the meeting, we looked at the different elements of the strategy in cross-functional/cross-departmental groups to consider the implications for implementation for professional service staff and to support some of the new initiatives emerging as part of the implementation plan.

We asked all divisions and faculty teams to develop a visual representation to the problem of "The impact of implementing the strategy in XX division/faculty team" and encouraged everyone to be as inventive as they could, using any visual media, but with the intention that it could then be hung up/presented within the PDR for people to look at, review and ask questions of. The idea was to have a bit of fun doing this and not to have many words on the page! We kicked off with a carousel tour circling of each representation with an 'anchor' from each team to explain and discuss the process, thinking and design choices and to answer questions. We then brought people together in groups to discuss feedback and ideas and to identify some issues of commonality as well as of difference across teams.

As you will see from the photographs and links to the electronic visuals, we have some very creative talent in Professional Services. All the 'props' have been kept and it is expected that wider discussions amongst teams will follow using these visuals.

Best wishes,

Nicola Owen