Professional Service value statements

These core values are the constant practices used every day and are designed to:

  • Capture shared beliefs
  • Guide individuals' practices and guide decisions taken
  • Govern personal relationships

Professional Services values

  1. Honesty/integrity: We operate with integrity and professionalism, being accountable for what we do.
  2. Innovation: We are creative and adaptable, supporting innovation and providing an environment where it can flourish.
  3. Collaboration and partnership: We work in partnership to support academic excellence.
  4. Service excellence: We put service excellence at the heart of everything we do.
  5. Development of staff: We continually explore new opportunities to develop ourselves.
  6. Respect: We are proud of our University and its achievements and we care about our people, our region and our environment.

University Values

University ValuePS Values: Theme
  • promoting and defending independent academic enquiry and freedom of thought
  • pursuing excellence in everything we do
4. Service excellence
  • being brave in our decisions, ready to embrace new possibilities and achieve our strategic ambitions
2. Innovation
  • enabling all staff to fulfil their career and personal ambitions
5. Development of Staff
  • developing durable relationships and interactions that meet the needs of our students, alumni and partners
3. Collaboration & Partnership
  • ensuring accountability, integrity and professionalism in how we operate, both in the UK and overseas
1. Honesty & Integrity
6. Respect
  • working together to support the development of the University
3. Collaboration & partnership
  • engaging actively to change the world, through our teaching and research and also by leading on economic and social improvement
4. Service excellence