Study Abroad

Spend a year of your degree studying at an international university. A year overseas is a great opportunity to boost your studies and to embrace a whole new culture.

Why study abroad?

You will gain a thorough grounding in key areas of modern psychology, complemented by the benefits of living and studying abroad. You will have a brilliant opportunity to engage with different methodologies, research and teaching practices. You will widen your academic network and increase your employment opportunities.

Degree structure

The first and second year are as per the existing BSc/BA Psychology degree programme. Then you will spend your third year abroad. On your return, you will complete your final year, which is the same as Year 3 of the standard programme.

During your year away, you will need to complete 8 modules in total. Your grade for all the modules across the year will be averaged into one grade worth 30 credits. At least half of the modules should be from the Psychology Department and the rest can be subjects of your choice.

Entry requirements and costs

AAB at A-level. You will need to average 2:1 in your first two years in order to go abroad. If you fail the Study Abroad element, you will revert to the standard BSc/BA programme.

The fee for Study Abroad is your usual costs plus 15%. If you are eligible for a UK Student Finance loan, you will be entitled to extra money.

Potential Destinations

Lancaster University is affiliated with dozens of universities across the globe. This is just a brief selection of universities you could visit as part of a Study Abroad degree.