Getting your study on the NIHR Portfolio

The National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre (NIHR CRN CC) has developed a database (known as ‘the Clinical Research Network Portfolio’) of clinical research studies, which meet specific eligibility criteria, being undertaken in the UK.

Which studies are eligible to be included in the NIHR CRN Portfolio?

In England, the Department of Health has determined that studies (clinical trials and other well designed studies which involve the NHS) that are funded by NIHR, other areas of Government, and

NIHR non-commercial Partners are automatically eligible to be included in the NIHR CRN Portfolio.

NIHR Partners are those organisations that:

• award research funds as a result of open competition across England with high quality peer review

• fund research that is of clear value to the NHS

• have strategic direction for the research that they fund.

In addition other studies, such as commercially sponsored studies or those with industry funding which are led by an academic investigator may be considered for inclusion in the NIHR CRN Portfolio by undergoing an adoption process.

For further details, please visit the CRN page on eligibility criteria:

How to apply

When completing the IRAS form, Question 5b states ‘Do you want your NHS R&D application to be processed through the NIHR Coordinated System for gaining NHS Permission’ –for this select Yes.

What are the benefits of being adopted onto the NIHR CRN Portfolio?

  • Access to a local network of research support staff such as research nurses and other healthcare professionals
  • Offering support to ensure research studies are feasible to be carried out under the NHS
  • Providing access to staff that can carry out local governance checks and obtain NHS permission
  • Managing study performance by monitoring Key Performance Indicators such as time to target recruitment in studies

NHS / health and social care studies that require submission through IRAS

All studies should indicate, in question 3 of the IRAS Project filter, where the study is taking place. In addition, studies led from other UK administrations, which want to access NIHR CRN Support in England, should select ‘yes’ to question 5c. This will ensure your information is shared with all relevant national coordinating functions, including the NIHR CRN, for review.

Further Information