Agresso Costing and Pricing (ACP)

All new proposals for externally funded research, regardless of value or funder, must be fully approved internally through the ACP costing system prior to submission to the funder. This requirement includes outline proposals and proposals submitted to the funder by another institution or organisation. The approval process at Lancaster has been set up specifically so that research proposals can be checked and reviewed to ensure that only high quality applications, which stand the best chance of success, are submitted by the university.

The university uses the Agresso ACP module as both a costing tool and for electronic approvals. Costings are prepared by RSO and Principal Investigators (PI) should automatically have access to the system to view costings once RSO have created them. ACP automatically distributes proposals for approval depending on the total amount of funding requested.

It is recommended that Principal Investigators request one-to-one training on ACP from Research Services. Enquires about training and APC access should be directed to:

Visit the pre-award contact page for who to contact for advice and support on using ACP.

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