NHS Sponsorship

URGENT NOTICE: Due to annual leave, we will be unable to deal with any sponsorship communications or applications received between the 20th to 27th May 2022. Due to a high volume of applications currently awaiting review, anything that is received after 13th May 2022 could also incur additional delays and may not be dealt with until W/C 30th May 2022.

Research requiring the collaboration of the NHS must have an individual or organisation willing and able to take on the responsibilities of the research sponsor* under the UK Framework for Health and Social Care Research.

If you wish to name Lancaster as your sponsor on your NHS application form please follow the guidance below to apply for sponsorship.

The RSO will confirm full sponsorship and insurance cover and work with you to submit to the required regulators and ensure the correct documents are in place.

You should submit the following information to the RSO (sponsorship@lancaster.ac.uk) to begin the sponsorship process:

  • Evidence of peer review (if applicable)
  • Draft Protocol
  • Draft IRAS form
  • Applicable draft Participant documents e.g., Participant Information Sheet, Consent Forms, GP letter
  • Details of any statistical engagement
  • CV of the Chief Investigator or Student (if applicable)
  • Draft Organisation Information Document (OID) and Schedule Of Events Cost Attribution Template (SoECAT)
  • Evidence of funding (where applicable)
  • Details of any collaborations with external parties, including commercial entities and suppliers
  • Any conflicts of interest

The sponsorship review process will commence. This may consist of support and advice in the following:

  • Study costing and financial management via the RSO finance teams
  • Contractual matters via the RSO teams
  • Regulatory submissions via the RSO teams
  • Study management and oversight advise via the RSO teams
  • Patient and Public engagement via the RES teams
  • Medicinal Product support and vendor auditing via the RSO teams
  • Confirmation of Insurance

Student applicants should refer to the HRA guidance here: student research. Please note that Lancaster University processes require that students who need R&D approval for one site only need to submit an IRAS form, following the guidance laid out here.

*In this context, the sponsor is the individual, company, institution or organisation which takes on ultimate responsibility for the management of the research.


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