Meet our Students

To find out more about what it is really like to study at Lancaster University, see what our students had to say.

Edward Thompson

MSci Hons Computer Science (with Industrial Experience)

"My degree strikes the perfect balance between making the course challenging, yet engaging for all abilities. The enthusiasm lecturers have for their field of study across all modules makes the content a pleasure to learn. I’ve always been especially impressed with how the academic staff treat you like a peer, allowing for a pleasant and cooperative learning environment. This has even led me to undertake a summer internship here at InfoLab21, as well as getting involved with the countless opportunities made available by the Department to those who seek more from their degree."

Monica Plotkin

BSc Hons Computer Science

"Since technology has become a fundamental part of everyday life, studying Computer Science presents many future opportunities. So far, my favourite aspect has been the second year Group Project. We collaborated as a team in researching, implementing and developing our own game. The broad range of topics covered here at Lancaster gives students a good foundation to enter a multitude of careers"

AndrĂ¡s Herczeg

BSc Hons Software Engineering

"Among the many exciting modules, the second year Software Design module stood out for me. Being able to come up with a whole system on our own and develop it into a working product in a year was a very rewarding experience. The best thing about studying here is being able to put all the theories of computer science into practice in our labs and project work."