School and College Talks

The Lancaster University Schools and Colleges Liaison team deliver presentations to students, parents and advisers on many aspects of Higher Education, both on campus and across the UK.


Finance and Budgeting*

Our interactive Finance and Budgeting presentation will encourage students to consider what they need to spend money on throughout the year, including costs that are sometimes hidden, as well as giving some handy tips to make savings.

Subject Specific

We are able to deliver talks on a number of specific subjects which can include the application process, the content of those courses at Lancaster and potential careers choices, as well as options such as Study Abroad and Industrial Placements where applicable to the course.

Introduction to Higher Education: Choosing Courses and Places*

Choosing the right University and Course is important but with over 370 Higher Education Institutions and over 37,000 courses in the UK, it can be difficult to know where to start! Our ‘Choosing Courses and Places’ presentation will explain key factors to consider when choosing a University, an introduction to courses available and how to apply through UCAS.

Introduction to Higher Education: Making the most of UCAS Fairs

With so many exhibitors to visit and speak to, UCAS fairs can be a daunting experience but by considering the range of courses available and what factors are important to them in choosing a University, students will be well equipped to benefit from attending a UCAS fair. This presentation also includes information on the UCAS application process.

Student Finance: the Key Facts

Our Student Finance talk explains the tuition fee and maintenance support available to students in England, as well as our own scholarships to reward academic success and bursaries to enable access to Lancaster regardless of background.

Thinking about the Future: University and Beyond

With over 370 Higher Education Institutes offering over 37,000 courses applying to the right university and course can be a complicated and competitive process. This presentation will explain the process of choosing courses and how this links to future careers, researching Universities and life as a university student.

The Lancaster Experience: A Guide to Student Life*

With information about the difference in teaching and learning at university, living in our award winning halls of residence, our unique collegiate system and events put on throughout the year by our Students’ Union, this talk is your comprehensive guide on what it’s like to be a student at Lancaster University.

Why Lancaster?

Lancaster is one of the UK’s leading Universities and is consistently ranked highly in student satisfaction, employability and student experience. This presentation will explain Lancaster’s unique collegiate system, the global impact of our research, the vast range of courses on offer and the Lancaster student experience – all of which combine to make Lancaster University student’s some of the most satisfied and most employable in the UK.

Writing a Successful Personal Statement*

A Personal Statement may be the one chance a student has to convey to the Admissions Tutor why they are passionate about their chosen subject. This presentation will inform students about applying to Universities through UCAS and how to write a Personal Statement that makes an impact!

All of these talks can be delivered either at your school or as part of a visit to our campus. For smaller groups of students, those marked with an asterisk can be delivered as an interactive workshop. In addition, our team are also able to deliver interactive workshops and presentations on:

  • Exam and Revision Skills
  • Preparing for a University Interview
  • Research and Presentation Skills

For more information on any of these presentations or workshops please email us at