Outreach Grants

The Faculty of Science and Technology will make funds available to support outreach and public engagement activities.

These funds are specifically available for projects which achieve some or all of the following:

  • Build links between the University, schools and the wider community
  • Contribute to student recruitment and widening participation
  • Communicate science and technology research to wider audiences and discuss issues with non-specialists
  • Provide a focus for press releases and media interest

Applications are particularly welcomed for funding based on proposals which enhance the reputation and visibility of science and technology at Lancaster, promote and explain science and technology research and capitalise on the inspirational value of STEM subject for many audiences, including the general public, schools, young people and policymakers. Applications which have already secured additional funding from other sources are encouraged, as are those which may have longer-term promotional benefits. Applications will be reviewed by the Science and Technology Outreach Committee.

You can apply for up to £3000 but in exceptional circumstances, consideration will be given to proposals for amounts exceeding £3000 where projects can demonstrate a greater impact and strategic requirement for funding. Funds will be given to the applicants solely for the purpose stated.

Important information

  • Projects must be completed and money spent by the end of the financial year – 31st July 2019
  • Applications must be submitted by Wednesday 3rd October 2018
  • Please note that only non-staff costs can be requested. Any payments to students for open days, visits days etc. must be covered by the department. If you have any questions about this then please do not hesitate to contact Deborah Craine.
  • Any changes to who will receive the award or in its use must be agreed by the Chair of the FST Outreach Committee
  • Grant recipients must submit a written report of approximately 500 words to the Outreach Committee within four weeks of ending the activity. The report should detail any lessons learned from the activity. Failure to submit the report without good reason will result in the withdrawal of funds

As applicants may not receive the full sum requested, please let the Faculty office know if you are unable to undertake the proposed activity so that funds may be reallocated.

Applications can be considered by correspondence when a fast response to an external opportunity is essential. You may wish to discuss your application with a member of the Outreach Committee.

Please send applications to Deborah Craine.
Deadline: Wednesday 3rd October 2018