Engineering at Lancaster University

MSc Mechanical Engineering with Project Management (part-time)

Course Duration: 24 months


Engineering is a multifaceted and continually evolving subject. As such this programme has been designed for engineers wishing to advance to the cutting-edge of the discipline and progress into technical-managerial roles, while working around existing priorities.

Designed to meet the diverse demands faced by modern engineers, this MSc programme combines advanced mechanical engineering with project management. Benefiting from the teaching of some of the world’s experts in their fields, you will engage with technical modules that will increase your understanding of a range of evolving mechanical engineering topics. This will allow you to develop greater breadth and depth of technical knowledge, problem-solving and analytical skills. At the same time, you will develop project management and team-working abilities, which are highly valued by employers. Combining the two will be highly advantageous to your continuing career development.

Over the course of the programme, you will typically study four taught modules, each of either one or two weeks in duration, each year, allowing you to work around your existing commitments. Over the length of the two year course, the total time commitment to short modules at the University is approximately 11 weeks. In addition to the four modules you study in the second year, you will complete a technical dissertation and will spend a few additional days meeting with your dissertation supervisor and completing exams.

The course contains a blend of theory and practical, hands-on learning, which will both increase your understanding of the diverse range of topics and give you the confidence to apply the skills you learn in a professional environment. Engineering modules cover a range of different areas of Mechanical Engineering, are very varied in content, and include case studies, workshops, group and individual exercises.

Alongside these technical modules, you will be introduced to many areas of project management, and will develop management and leadership skills while gaining experience of working in a team environment. In exploring topics such as project planning, project control, risk and resource management, you will gain the understanding required for senior engineer roles. In common with the technical modules, the emphasis is on practical application of the skills.

The programme also includes an industry-led group project and culminates in a substantial individual project, usually guided by an industrial partner. This enables you to become familiar with applying the technical and project-management skills you have learnt in a real environment. The invaluable experience will provide you with the opportunity to bring together everything you have learnt over the year, provide you with insight into what you can expect in your career, and give you examples to draw upon in the future. If you are already in employment and taking the MSc on a release basis, the project can be based at your company if it is suitable.


Engineering is more than just theory and, as a result, you will experience seminars, labs/practical sessions, workshops and group tutorials, alongside lectures. You will come into contact with academic staff who are internationally recognised in a wide range of fields including advanced manufacturing, materials, control, renewable energy and process design, and with experience of working with global companies in these fields.

In addition, our technicians and admin support team are very approachable and have many years of experience in helping students achieve success.

Assessment varies between modules, allowing students to demonstrate their capabilities in a range of ways. Typically you can expect assignments such as coursework reports, presentations and formal examinations.


As a department, we prioritise delivering high-quality, rigorous programmes that prepare and equip our graduates for a rewarding career. The Department provides an interdisciplinary approach that reflects the dynamic nature of professional engineering.

Our Department is an internationally recognised leader in research and innovation and, as such, you will join a thriving and supportive academic community. Staff and students alike will welcome and support you both academically and socially.

You will be encouraged throughout your programme in a friendly, vibrant environment that is conducive to excellent research and learning.