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Science Week 2022

FST Science Week 2022 will take place from Monday 28th March - Friday 1st April. The schedule will provide a hybrid of in-person and online talks from each of our Departments.

Impactful Research

We are delighted to introduce our second Science Week where we have a range of fascinating talks around the theme of impactful research.

The talks, hosted by academics from our departments, showcase the interesting research taking place in the Faculty, from the impacts upon climate change with our use of information technology, to hearing challenges and the effects on our brain’s function.

We kick off the week with our fantastic keynote speaker, Dr Ian Levy OBE, Technical Director of the National Cyber Security Centre.

We hope you can join us throughout our fantastic programme.

Monday 28th March

This talk will take place 12.30pm-2pm in the Margaret Fell Lecture Theatre, North Campus.

Keynote speaker: Ian Levy

Keynote speaker

Dr Ian Levy draws on his work as Technical Director of the National Cyber Security Centre in his talk about 'Protecting our Country for Fun and Profit'. In his role, Ian leads on developing defences to manage cyber threats and fostering technical innovation to find undiscovered solutions to protect the UK from large scale cyber-attacks, and day-to-day malicious cyber activity.

Tuesday 29th March - Harnessing our Resources

These talks will take place from 5.30pm-7.30pm online.

Research talks

Join researchers from our Physics Department, our Engineering Department, the Quantum Base, and the National Nuclear Laboratory in the first of our twilight sessions this week as they explore innovative ways of efficiently, and sustainably harnessing our world’s resources.


Tuesday research talks Accordion

Wednesday 30th March - Protecting our Planet

Join us for our in-person talks and interactive sessions from 3pm-5pm at Lancaster University Library.

Research talks

In a series of face-to-face talks and activities, these sessions will explore innovative ways to help counteract the impact we have on our planet.

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Wednesday research talks Accordion

Thursday 31st March - Improving our Health

These talks will take place from 3pm-5pm online.

Research talks

Colleagues in the Chemistry Department, the Mathematics and Statistics Department, and the Psychology Department will discuss how their research has contributed to advances in health and healthcare.


Thursday research talks Accordion

Friday 1st April - Shaping our Future

Internal sessions

In our final interactive event of Science Week, our postgraduates, the Physics Planetarium, and H-Unique will be showcasing their projects.

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10am: PhD student posters - LUMS Hub

Visit the poster display in LUMS Hub and vote for your favourite poster.

10am-2pm: Physics Planetarium - Outside Lecture Theatres 1 & 2 in LUMS Hub

Visit this amazing space dome for a fascinating show and tell display. Tickets will be available for a 25 minute slot.

10am-2pm: H-Unique

In search of uniqueness and harnessing anatomical hand variation. H-unique is a five year, €2.5m programme of research that will be the first multimodal automated interrogation of visible hand anatomy, through analysis and interpretation of human variation via images. It is an interdisciplinary project, supported by anatomists, anthropologists, geneticists, bioinformaticians, image analysts and computer scientists.

11am-12pm: PhD speed talks - Lecture Theatre 1 in LUMS Hub

Our PhD students have just 3 minutes to impress you with research. This fast paced session is always good fun and very informative.

12pm-1.30pm: Lunch

1.30pm: Prizes and close

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