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Academic Support and Learning Development

We are dedicated to helping you through your studies and can help you to realise your potential.

During your time at Lancaster, you will be challenged to meet higher academic standards than ever before. Supporting you and your aims is a key part of our ethos. You can find academic support within your department - your academic advisor in your department is a valuable source of academic support, including subject-specific advice.

Learning Developers can help develop your maths skills, study techniques, and scientific writing. We want to help you to achieve your full potential.

We offer

  • 1-to-1 Consultations and Group Tutorials - for undergraduate, postgraduate, home and international students
  • Maths Workshops and Boot Camps
  • Writing Workshops in departments
  • Scientific Writing courses for international students
  • Feedback and resources on writing reports, essays and dissertations
  • Advice on reading, writing, time management, effective study practices and exam techniques
  • Further academic support is available for students with Specific Learning Difficulties

Contact us

To find out more, book 1-to-1s and classes and to access resources, visit:

Dr Robert Blake Dr Elena Luchinskaya
FST Learning Developer
FST Learning Developer (Maths & Stats)

Robert and Elena are part of the Learning Development team in the Library. They are located in A32, Science and Technology Building.

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