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Graduate School Travel Grants

A key part of the PhD journey is broadening your depth of knowledge by attending conferences and seminars

We have now allocated all available travel grant funds for 2019/20.

The Science and Technology Graduate School Travel Grant is offered to postgraduate research students who wish to:

  • Present papers and posters at conferences and workshops
  • Attend seminars and workshops to support research development

The following guidelines apply to travel grant applications:

  • Applications can be made for grants of: up to £350 for international travel; up to £300 for travel in Europe; up to £250 for travel in the UK
  • Travel grants are provided for travel between August 1st 2019 and July 31st 2020
  • You may apply for one grant only during this period
  • A grant will be awarded for one event only. The grant cannot be split across multiple events
  • Travel or conference bookings must be made through your department
  • We will not cover the cost of travel for visa requirements

To apply for a Graduate School Travel Grant, please complete a Graduate Travel Grant request form‌‌ in full.

We will aim to respond to your application within two weeks or 10 working days, of the completed form being received by the Graduate School office. To ensure a timely response, applications should be submitted at least one month before your proposed date of travel.

If you are successful, the travel grant will be paid to your project account upon the receipt of a Graduate School Travel Grant report after your activity has taken place.

Failure to include all necessary details will result in a delay to your application being considered and we also ask that you provide accurate costings for your trip. If you have not provided a project code, we will not be able to pay the travel grant to you.

Please note that the travel grant will not be paid to a personal account.

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