Studying at Lancaster


Lancaster University believes in our students. This why we invest in the best facilities for you.

Lancaster Environment Centre

We recently opened £4.4m teaching labs for undergraduate use. Our 15 glasshouses investigate a wide range of plant science and ecological research. The Hazelrigg Weather Station has been providing high-quality meteorological data since 1966. We also have field sites in the Amazon and Borneo.


For astrophysicists, we have a dedicated observatory. Our Quantum Technology Centre investigates nanotechnology, with leading clean-room facilities. Our Ultra-Low Temperature labs allow us to cool materials to some of the lowest temperatures ever recorded on Earth. Our Isolab is one of the most advanced measurement environments in the world.

Computing & Communications

We provide 24-hour access to our five dedicated undergraduate labs. We offer access to our virtualisation cluster, and custom hardware to support our teaching. Our Software Design Studio allows you to conceive and develop software products together. These are all based in our iconic InfoLab 21 building - the region's leading centre for ICT research.


Our Engineering facilities include an 11m x 2.5m wave tank and an anechoic chamber. We use our UTGARD and Neutron Labs for Nuclear Engineering. We have a range of 3D printers and other additive manufacturing facilities. We have a BROKK-40 mobile robotic platform for understanding Mechatronics.


We have a £1.2 million Solid State NMR machine, identical to the one used at Cambridge University. We also have two solution state NMR machines that cost in the region of £300,000. We use these to measure the properties of atoms, materials and biological systems. We also have a nanoscale 3D printer, electron microscopes and state-of-the-art teaching labs.


Out virtual reality laboratory has 4 head mounted displays and a motion capture system. We have a sleep lab to track sleep states. Our temperature controlled labs observe the effects of environment on human interaction. We us eye tracking technology, heart rate detection, skin response, and infrared motion capture.


We have been rated the UK's Best University Halls six times since 2010 in the annual National Student Housing Survey.

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Careers and Personal Development

Our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees provide excellent employment prospects. We are #1 in the UK for graduate prospects in Computer Science (Times and Sunday Times University Guide, 2017). We want you to make the best start to your career.

Life at Lancaster

Lancaster University is diverse, varied, international, exciting and vibrant. You couldn’t ask for a better student experience!

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