About Security Lancaster

Security Lancaster delivers research and education that innovates and creatively challenges the way that individuals, organisations and societies secure and protect themselves. We achieve this via engagement and collaboration with companies from a range of sectors and governments. Our approach delivers the very best use-inspired and pure research alongside cutting edge education that delivers real impact.

History of Security and Protection Science at Lancaster

Lancaster University has a long history of providing world-class research and training on issues relating to the safety and security of UK society. Currently our activities deliver ground-breaking research and postgraduate training through programmes as diverse as an MA in conflict, development and security and an MSc in cyber security. We work with Doctoral Training Centres actively researching security related areas and have recently been awarded Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research by GCHQ and the EPSRC.

The success of this activity has led the University to establish a centre of excellence called Security Lancaster. This Centre will integrate behavioural, management, social and technological research to address contemporary issues relating to the security of individuals, organisations and society. The Centre will position itself as a hub of excellence that delivers useful research and disseminates knowledge through taught postgraduate programmes, professional development programmes and other business engagement initiatives. 

Our Strategy

  • Deliver World leading Research in Security Sciences by balancing basic research with use-inspired and applied research to ensure its work remains both theoretically rich and relevant to societal needs and priorities.
  • Cultivate Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Security by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information through the sharing of facilities, the creation of networks of like-minded individuals, and through the development of a 'social infrastructure'
  • Deliver Excellent Security Education through multi-disciplinary training programmes for future scientists and industry practitioners

The overarching aim for the Centre is to derive additional capability for collaborative, multi-disciplinary research and education. The research in the Centre will be driven by an ethos of undertaking theoretically rich, use-inspired research. The latter will be achieved through close collaboration between the scientists in Security Lancaster and our industry and practice partners, facilitated by a dedicated partnership management team.