Book Series

Post-Conflict Law and Justice

International law has great relevance in post-conflict contexts, but the complexity of its role, both as a supporting and restraining factor, can be underestimated. This series explores the role of law, and in particular international law, in securing ‘justice’ in post-conflict contexts. The remit of the series extends to matters of law connected to, for example: post-conflict legal reforms and the development of constitutions; the establishment of the rule of law; the place of international organizations in post-conflict; peace-keeping; transitional justice mechanisms (including criminal justice); and discussion of jus post bellum. It also seeks self-reflexive works on notions of post-conflict justice, transitional justice, and similar.

Routledge Studies in Conflict, Security and Technology

Routledge Studies in Conflict, Security and Technology sets out to publish books that explore new trends in technology and geopolitics - from cybersecurity, AI, robotics to debates about new tactics of conflict and war. While the series is based primarily in Security Studies and International Relations, the series is keen to promote inter-disciplinary perspectives on new security challenges.