Cyber Works

Welcome to the Cyber Works

Welcome to Cyber Works

Cyber Works enables effective, impactful and innovative opportunities for knowledge exchange between businesses and the Cyber Security Research Centre (CSRC), based within the School of Computing and Communication, here at Lancaster University.

Cyber Works helps to link business to our rich vibrant community of multidisciplinary researchers and we provide a range of options and avenues of support. Through exchanging knowledge, building key partnerships and using research, we help companies to defend, innovate and grow.

The CSRC holds national and international acclaim, and we are recognised by the government's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) as an Accredited Centre for Excellence. We have a team passionate about driving the development of solutions to meet the challenges that companies need to embrace and exploit the potential of digital technologies, safely and securely.


  • To support companies to defend, innovate and grow through embracing and adopting secure digitalisation, helping them to employ core principles of Cyber Security as a growth enabler, not just as a security function.
  • To provide responsive, outstanding engagement and support to engage with, contribute to and operationalise world-class research

Access to success

Our engagement team will work with you to find solutions, link you to academic research and the right person/team and provide outstanding end-to-end support and guidance.