Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry

Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry

Lancaster University's Role

Lancaster University will build on its recognised academic expertise as a NCSC/EPSRC accredited Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security research, and its history of supporting innovation and growth in the SME community, by providing the cyber foundry with a bespoke, world lead cyber business growth programme.

Lancaster University will be provide the core programme to support the businesses participating in the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry project. This programme will support 150 companies to develop new cyber security focused business growth and productivity strategies.

The University will also use it’s research excellence found in the ACE-CSR to help selected companies to build new products and services to help companies differentiate or diversify in their market place.

Business Support Programme

The business support programme from Lancaster University will enable companies to develop their strategic rationale and their operational plan to realise the benefits of cyber security in the context of growth and productivity. Companies will guided through a phased process which will result in the development of a tailored strategy and plan, which includes next steps and connections to other organisations and programmes to support them along their journey. The programme consists of:

- Self assessment, reflection and understanding the operational environment

- A collaborative strategy development day with peer organisations to produce a combined strategic landscape analysis report

- A one-to-one business analysis process to support the development or a tailored strategy and plan.

By the end of the collaboration, participant companies will have:

- An understanding of the strategic landscape,

- A clear plan of action

- Access and connections to key supporting organisations including finance, further business development and technical support

- Connections to a wider deep trust network of other SMEs

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Technical Support Programme

Our team will work with you to listen to your challenges, develop your concept and then explore how it might be implemented. This may use a combination of resources and technologies including databases, bespoke software components, new or existing web and mobile applications and physical interfaces such as sensors and Internet of Things devices. Where appropriate the process will include software development and linking of software components to produce a prototype systems for evaluation and feasibility assessments.

This work will be grounded in our technical and research expertise found in the Academic Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research and the wider Security Lancaster Research Institute.

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