Raytheon Cyber Academy

Raytheon Cyber Academy

Hands on training. World-Class Cyber Operations.

October 30 - November 01

We're holding a Cyber Academy @LancasterUni, 30 Oct to 1 Nov, to give students hands-on experience with cybersecurity techniques and methods to identify and address network vulnerabilities. #rtncyberacademy#NCSAM#ECSM

In addition to our formal training programs, workshops bring the best of Raytheon’s cyber expertise to partners in a hands-on, comprehensive setting.

  • Cyber Academy features tailored educational workshops developed and taught by the Center for Infrastructure and Security (CIAS) located at the University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Workshops infuse specific hands-on or lecture-based lessons at existing learning institutions or cyber teaching academies
  • Program also includes guest lectures, speeches and papers by leading cyber experts, as well as global surveys on topics of key significance