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In search of uniqueness - harnessing anatomical hand variation

Contributing Via E-mail

If you would like to contribute your images and data to the H-unique project but are unable to do so via our mobile phone app, you can now contribute via e-mail, by following the steps below.

1. Read the project participant information. This will provide background information on how your data will be stored and used during the lifetime of the project.

2. Photograph your hands with a mobile phone or other digital camera. We require a number of images of each hand in specific poses for our research. please see the hand pose guidelines.

To help ensure high quality photos please try to follow these guidelines:

  • Take photos in a well-lit area
  • Take photos against a plain background
  • Ensure your whole hand is in the image frame
  • Ensure the image is in focus and not blurred
  • Please remove jewellery, if possible
  • Please do not wear nail polish, false nails or other temporary hand decoration.

3. Download and complete the H-unique contributor questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of indicating your consent to participate, and a series of questions regarding demographic information and clinical conditions that might affect the appearance of the hands. Completion of the consent section is mandatory, all other sections are optional.

Once you have filled in the questionnaire, please save a copy of the file to email to us with your images.

4. Send your image and questionnaire files to h-unique-enquiries@lancaster.ac.uk. Alternatively, you can upload files to a file sharing service such as Dropbox and send us the relevant link to download and add to our database.

Once we have received your contribution we will upload the data to the main H-unique database and send you a unique contribution reference code.

Before contributing using this method, you should note that even though all data is held in our database anonymously, because there will be a record of your email in our email system audit trail, we would not be able to guarantee the same total level of anonymity as submissions made using our web application.