innovative Digital Infrastructure Defence 

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The innovative Digital Infrastructure Defence (i-DID) focuses on cyber security and cyber threat intelligence for Internet-enabled cyber-physical systems.

Our goal is to develop cyberattack detection and mitigation methods formulated by practical data-driven solutions that collect, analyse and share insightful threat intelligence related to an adversary’s tactics and procedures, system exploits, vulnerability risks and attack propagation. We place strong emphasis on composing algorithmic and system mechanisms that consider both the internal and external state of a digital networked infrastructure by assessing local and Internet-wide measurements in synergy with device and system-level information.

The iDID group addresses pragmatic industrial requirements using applied research methods and operates in close collaboration with the Cyber Threat Lab, the ICS Lab and Energy Lancaster Institute.

  • Energy Lancaster

    Energy Lancaster combines cutting-edge research with expertise from across Lancaster University and beyond. Working with global, regional and local organisations, Energy Lancaster aims to address societal challenges around sustainability and security of energy supplies to support the world’s energy needs.

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KTP in Threat Intelligence Analytical Software
12/08/2019 → 11/08/2021

SL: KTP: Xyone Ltd
12/08/2019 → 04/03/2021

Pozibot: Quantum-secured remote monitoring and data logging technology that enables a dynamic insured warranty for battery packs
01/03/2019 → 31/05/2021

Large-Scale Cloud Resource Allocation
01/02/2019 → 31/01/2020

Aethra : Intelligent RIPE Atlas Resource Allocation
06/11/2018 → 22/01/2021

Enable Ancillary Services bY Renewable Energy Sources
01/03/2018 → 31/12/2021

Enable Ancillary Services by Renewable Energy Sources (EASY-RES)
01/03/2018 → 31/12/2021

SL: Upside Energy Ltd (KTP)
01/03/2018 → 29/02/2020

Cyber Risk as Systemic Risk in Financial Services
01/01/2018 → 01/01/2025

Research Investment Equipment Grant
09/03/2015 → 31/03/2015

Maritime Cyber Security
01/06/2014 → …

Future of International Law and Cyber Warfare (Funded by SECURITY FUTURES)
17/07/2013 → 19/07/2013

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i-DID (Dr Angelos Marnerides)
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

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+44 (0)1524 510310

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