Law, Policy, Ethics

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This stream of research is a key element of the connective tissue between Security Lancaster and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; with a particular focus upon legal studies (broadly defined), public policy, politics, political philosophy, and international relations.

Policy is key to security and protection science. Our research and policy engagement activities contribute to situate threats and solutions within their political, societal, economic, legal, and ethical contexts. Our research and policy recommendations inform Parliament and Government on a range of security-related topics (e.g. maritime security).

Legal research foci include ‘cyberwarfare’ and the law; ‘Drones’, automaticity, artificial intelligence, and the law; cybercrime, including child sexual exploitation; counter-terrorism and the law; and security elements of intellectual property. We employ a range of research methods, as appropriate, including ‘black letter’ legal analysis of current, proposed, and potential law; philosophical theorising; and both quantitative and qualitative empirical research.


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