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(Violence and Society)

We work with partners to address interpersonal conflict using empirical, practical and theoretical links between violence and security. Through research, training and evaluations we put the victims of violence at the centre of solution-focused work.

Human dignity, fundamental rights and human security set moral and ethical standards by which citizens can develop their potential. However, these standards continue to be frequently disregarded through painful acts of violation in everyday life e.g. in schools, homes, at work, in public spaces and networked publics. The consequences are devastating for social participation and growth.

At Security Lancaster, Lancaster University's multidisciplinary research centre, our approach to research on sociology is not to separate violations in the digital and physical world, but to understand and respond to new and emerging challenges to human security as a result of violence in a global context.

Our multidisciplinary team retains a focus on gender, generation and other sources of social division whilst tracing connections and associations that make women and men, girls and boys, children and older people safe and unsafe.

We aim to empower victims and mitigate perpetrator behaviour to effect changes in formal and informal practices that are driven by a grounded approach and the latest advances in software development, social theory, measurement and ethics. Our work is accessible across a range of contexts and we work closely with law enforcement, local authorities, health and social care agencies and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

Access Sociology Expertise

  • Child protection
  • Conflict resolution
  • Cyberbullying and stalking
  • Gang violence
  • Gender violence
  • Hate crime
  • Interpersonal violence
  • Offender profiling
  • Theorising violence and security
  • Victim experience and identification
  • Violence research methodologies
  • Youth violence


Research Lead

Mark Rouncefield

Institute for Social Futures Fellow, SCC (Pervasive Systems), Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Sociology)

D12, D - Floor, Infolab

Centre for Law and Society, Institute for Social Futures Fellow, Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Law,Policy,Ethics), Security Lancaster (Sociology)

Medical and Social Statistics, Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Sociology)

+44 (0)1524 593061 B38, B - Floor, Fylde College

Centre for Law and Society, Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Law,Policy,Ethics), Security Lancaster (Sociology)

+44 (0)1524 593706 C056, C - Floor, Bowland North

Centre for Child and Family Justice Research, Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Sociology)

+44 (0)1524 594104

Institute for Social Futures Fellow, SCC (Pervasive Systems), Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Sociology)

D12, D - Floor, Infolab

CILHR Centre for International Law and Human Rights, Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Law,Policy,Ethics), Security Lancaster (Sociology)


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