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Software Security

Software provides the essential realization of computing services including the provisioning of their secure operations. We take a broad software systems perspective (code, middleware, OS) on researching software security to cover design, analysis and assessment. Our competencies include (a) specification and analysis of secure code, (b) techniques for the detection, prediction and repair of code defects, (c) analytical + experimental techniques for robustness/security testing, and (d) conducting security risk assessments. We are also exploring empirical software engineering techniques including the use of ML/AI techniques to support both the design and analysis for security.


Research Leads

Tracy Hall

Professor Tracy Hall

Chair in Software Engineering

Cyber Security Research Centre (Software Engineering), DSI - Foundations, SCC (Software Engineering), Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Software Security)

Neeraj Suri

Professor Neeraj Suri

Distinguished Professor & Chair in Cyber Security

Cyber Security Research Centre (Security Group), SCC (Security), Security and Defence, Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Distributed Systems and CPS), Security Lancaster (Software Security), Security Lancaster (Systems Security), Security Lancaster Secure (Machine Learning and Intelligence)

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