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Sharing Practice

Welcome to the Sharing Practice website. This space houses case studies from across the university, in addition to resources and links to support your teaching and student learning.

We welcome colleagues from across the university to programmes and events. Please read our information on accessibility and cancellation charges for our events.

Continuing Professional Development & Sharing Academic Practice Events

Throughout the academic year, Educational Development hosts facilitate and support a range of CPD and sharing events. Our next event is listed below. For registration please follow the link, this will take you through to LibCal, please complete the requested information. If you have any questions or problems registering, please contact Kathryn James, I will be happy to help.

Events in 2020

Facing out Facing In: Lecture and Discussion series

Afternoon of Thursday 27th February beginning with lunch, HR Building: Registration required

Digital Education

We will welcome our external keynote: Siân Bayne, Professor of Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, Director of the Centre for Research in Digital Education and the Edinburgh Futures Institute.

Siân’s work covers a range of initiatives in the digital arena. Most recently, it is centred on the future of education and technology within the Near Futures Project link to the Futures Institute at Edinburgh. The website offers a wealth of information and resources.

Responding from a Lancaster University perspective as the internal keynote: Professor Simon Guy, PVC Pro-Vice-Chancellor Global (Digital, International, Sustainability, Development).

Abstracts and details to be confirmed in January.

Registration includes Lunch and is essential.


Morning of Friday 1st May, ending with lunch, HR building: Registration required.

Sustainability Education

We welcome our external keynote speaker: Stephen Sterling, Emeritus Professor of Sustainability Education in the Centre for Sustainable Futures, at Plymouth University.

Concern, Congruence and Contribution: re-purposing higher education in unprecedented times

We live in ‘watershed times’ - of threat, urgency and opportunity that define our age. This has deep implications for re-thinking the purpose and role of education and learning - and for re-thinking our being in the world.

Responding internal Lancaster University perspective keynote speaker: Dr Nigel Watson, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Governance, and Pendle College Principal, Lancaster University.

Searching for sustainability in a ‘wicked’ and ambiguous world: Opportunities for fresh thinking and learning in Higher Education

While the challenges can appear overwhelming, this presentation argues that there are also enormous opportunities. For universities, in particular, there are opportunities for critical thinking regarding meanings of sustainable development and generating fresh ideas and proposals regarding pathways towards more sustainable futures.

Complete abstracts are available on the registration page. Please note registration includes lunch and is essential.


2020 Education Festival & Conference: A space for collegial celebration, sharing & learning of education & teaching practice

For 2020's Summer Education Festival the focus for the week is ‘programme focus and identity’. We will explore what we understand by the term ‘degree programme’ and what this might mean for students and staff. Please save the date for the Education Conference (Wednesday 1st July) and keep an eye out for other events as they are announced.

Summer Education Conference

Greater than the sum of its parts: Degree programmes at the heart of Lancaster University learning journeys

Wednesday 1st July

Our programme curricula are at the heart of educational practice and the student experience of higher education. This education conference will engage in a wide conversation about how, through programme identity and delivery, we support students to thrive in higher education and beyond. Taking the debate further, we will explore the views of programme teams and wider colleagues involved in degree programme delivery, seeking to enhance our appreciation of what we mean by “programmes” in our education ecosystem.

Details, a call for papers and registration will follow in February 2020.

Assessment & Feedback

"Nothing we do to, or for our students is more important than our assessment of their work and the feedback we give them on it. The results of our assessment influence students for the rest of their lives.” (Race, Brown, & Smith, 2005)

This section holds information and resources aimed at supporting assessment and feedback practice development.

Curriculum Development

"One of the most intriguing aspects of higher education is that extent to which higher education curricula are a fundamental aspect of our academic practices but remain so poorly defined and understood." (Ashwin et al 2015)

This section holds information and resources aimed at supporting assessment and feedback practice development.

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Archive of Events & Resources

Sharing practice in learning and teaching events have been supported by Educational Development for many years. Many of these event recordings and resources have been archived on Moodle.

This archive photo is the building the campus underpass in the 1960s. You can find more on Twitter.