Bipolar Disorder Special Interest Group

Following an initial meeting in Exeter in July 2009 a Bipolar Disorder Special Interest Group (BD-SIG) has been formed. Professor Steven Jones from the Spectrum Centre at Lancaster University has been elected to act as president of the SIG, with Dr Kim Wright from Exeter University acting as treasurer. Other BABCP members making up the SIG committee include Dr Graeme Reid from Lancashire Care NHS Trust, Dr Alyson Dodd and Dr Fiona Lobban from Lancaster University, and Dr Emily Holmes from the University of Oxford.

The aims of the BD-SIG are:

  1. To facilitate dissemination and awareness of developments in psychological understanding of the experiences of individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder and of those with related mood experiences in the wider community.
  2. To support cooperation of clinicians and researchers in research designed to develop and evaluate improved psychological approaches for individuals with experience of bipolar disorder.
  3. To support dissemination of evidence-based psychological approaches for individuals with experience of bipolar disorder including enhancing training opportunities for clinicians.

A core principle of the BD-SIG is that work we do should be directed towards improving service-user valued outcomes employing therapies which service users themselves regard as appropriate and helpful. It is therefore central to our endeavours that we will liaise and collaborate with service users in all of our future discussions and projects.

BD-SIG was formally launched with an inaugural one day conference at Lancaster University on May 21st 2010. Speakers included Professor Sheri Johnson from The University of California, Berkeley, Professor Richard Bentall from Bangor University, Dr Thomas Meyer from Newcastle University, Professor Steve Jones, Dr Fiona Lobban and Paul Hammersley from Lancaster University.

Next Event

The Bipolar Disorder Special Interest Group (BD-SIG) will be hosting a one-day conference on the 24th April 2012 at Lancaster University.

Our 3rd annual BD-SIG conference will include a half-day of talks from the perspective of academics, clinicians and service users, and a half-day of interactive workshops and discussion groups on current research and practice in bipolar disorder.

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Future BD-SIG Events

3rd Annual BD-SIG Conference, April 24th 2012, Lancaster University.

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