The Spectrum Centre's Innovative New Online Multi-Media Recovery Resource

Launched at the Storey, Lancaster on 21st November 2018, the Spectrum Centre's on-line resource is designed by professionals, researchers, and people with lived experience. Using multi-media, it aims to give professionals and service users alike, a focus for their work on recovery. Personal experiences are used to show what a recovery journey can feel like, and professionals also look at how best to deliver interventions, to ensure that recovery is built around the specific skills, aspirations, and goals of the individual.

The resource uses an animation, video interview, and an on-line e-booklet, to give a range of views as to how recovery needs to be understood as a very individual experience, and how it should be built around the idea that we can progress whilst living with Bi-Polar, and indeed any mental health issue.

The Resource itself is now available to use from our repository, where we will ask you for some basic information as part of our plan to understand how the resource is used and how it may be developed. The resource will then be sent to you by email. There was discussion on the day about how it might be used, and a plan was agreed to follow up within this community to understand how the resource is being employed in the future.

The Launch event included a number of short presentations from professionals, academics, and service users, who explain their thoughts on different aspects of recovery. These are available to watch via each of the links on the right of this page.

Here's a visual representation of what delegates thought personal recovery meant to them on the day:

Wordcloud representation of delegate's feelings of the day

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