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Urban Visions – The Power of Futures Past


Nick Dunn was invited by the Bristol Festival of Ideas to present his research on how future cities have been depicted over the last 100 years. The festival aims to stimulate people’s minds and passions with an inspiring programme of discussion and debate throughout the year. His presentation, as part of the Festival of the Future City, considered what these depictions sought to communicate and why; what types of city visions have had the most influence on UK cities; and the important role they have in shaping our thinking on cities and our future urban strategies. Nick explained the research he undertook as author for the Government Office for Science’s Foresight Future of Cities project, ‘A Visual History of the Future’, and some of his ongoing work in this field and the questions it raises. By way of concluding, he then described current patterns and trends in city thinking and outlined what the implications for Smart Cities, Happy Cities and Individual Collectivism may mean for us all.

The report may be downloaded here.

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