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Global Futures: The Energy Problem Is Solved


The Energy Problem Is Solved: A Global Futures Event

Chris Goodall

Thurs 19th Jan 2017. Watch video here.

Without energy, the human life is constrained and incomplete. Even a few watts of light takes a family from 12 hours of darkness to a fuller existence. However the full life of a citizen of a developed country demands a hundred times as much energy as this. How will the world give an appropriate amount of power to every one of the 10 billion people in 2050? The answer is through solar photovoltaics. PV is becoming ever cheaper, can be installed everywhere including the remotest homes and, when combined with batteries, even now gives even some of the poorest people in the world light, phone charging and TV. Solar power will transform world society and economic life. Like the mobile phone – an invention initially assumed to provide at best a marginal contribution just to the richest countries – PV will be transformative of the lives of the bottom 50% globally. It will also provide the bedrock of the energy systems of the richest countries.

Chris Goodall writes books and articles with both optimism and hard-headed rationality about the growing evidence that the world can power itself without using fossil fuels. Not just the rich countries but also the bottom half of the globe’s population. His writing and speaking mix detailed quantitative analysis and inspiring ambition.


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