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Global Futures: Pooran Desai (Bioregional)


Pooran Desai, co-founder of Bioregional –  Thursday (23/04/15)

‘We know we need systemic change to address global warming and depletion of natural resources. But with phenomena such as the “Rebound Effect” and “Jevons Paradox”, what exactly do we mean by systemic change?’

Pooran Desai, co-founder of Bioregional and International Director of One Planet Communities, will share his experiences both personal and professional and will lead discussion around these insights. Pooran has worked on projects and enterprises in sustainable forestry, farming, recycling and real estate development. He initiated the BedZED project, which in turn led him to initiate the Z-squared (Zero Carbon Zero Waste) and One Planet Living concepts. Pooran has also worked on policy, chairing the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ advisory group.

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