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Global Futures: What futures for pensions?


What futures for pensions? – Friday (28/03/14)

Does contributing into pensions to fund our retirement mean we are assuming that the will be able to endure emerging sustainability challenges? What are the relations between climate change and the future value of our retirement savings? Does living with climate change and resource constraints require radially different alternatives to our current pension arrangements?

Dr. Aled Jones, who is director of the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University.

Slides here: Aled Jones – Resource Constraint

Prof. Ken Peasnell, a distinguished scholar in the Department of Accounting and Finance at Lancaster University Management School.

Slides here: Ken Peasnell

Prof. Andrew Sayer, who is a member of the Sociology Department at Lancaster University.

Slides here: Andrew Sayer – A Radical Alternative

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