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Global Futures: How will China shape our future?


How will China shape our future?  A Global Futures Event

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Nobody who wants to understand, shape and anticipate our shared global future can reasonably ignore China. Whether we consider the fate of the global environment, the global economy, or global values and governance, we need to take China’s impact into account. At this event, experts working on different aspects of Chinese futures will introduce the key challenges and opportunities that the world will face as China continues to develop. They will also explore how these issues are understood from Chinese perspectives, and ask how we might respond to these perspectives.

With talks by:

Shen Wei, Lancaster Confucius Institute: Video

David Tyfield, Lancaster Environment Centre: Video

Astrid Nordin, Lancaster University Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion: Video

Huang Shuangfa, Lancaster University Chinese Society and Department for Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation: Video

Slides: Innovation in China ISF 14 Feb 2017




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  1. I attended this event, which was extremely interesting with excellent presentations from all four contributors. It was mentioned that the powerpoints would be made available. Will this be via this website? I’m looking forward to looking at these again.