Future-forming interdisciplinary research

Futures Of Global Relations


Lancaster House Hotel, 16th – 17th May 2017

This workshop aims to bring into conversation key interlocutors that have argued for the international relations (IR) discipline to turn its focus from ‘things’ to ‘relations’, but that have done so in relatively isolated enclaves on the Chinese mainland and on Taiwan, and the West. By doing so, this workshop will:

  1. contribute to the construction of a truly global IR, ‘worlding’ the discipline ‘beyond the West’ through engagement with Chinese thought on the mainland and on Taiwan;
  2. provide a manifesto for a relational IR based on more than one dominant Western epistemology;
  3. produce a special issue of a good journal with global reach;
  4. engage junior colleagues in particular in skills-developing outreach activities;
  5. build global relations between scholars of all levels of seniority with a view to establishing a wider network in the longer term.

This event is by registration only. If you are interested in attending this event please contact Astrid Nordin: a.nordin@lancaster.ac.uk

You can read further details and see the preliminary workshop details and proposed research schedule here: Preliminary workshop details, Futures of Global Relations

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