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Utopia, history and future


Utopia, history and the future

Part of the series: History and the Future

Institute for Social Futures


Date: 23 May 2017, 3.30 – 5.30 pm

Where: Meeting Rooms 2 + 3, ground floor FASS Building


Inviting reflection from three different speakers, this panel will examine what the concept of utopia can tell us about the relationship between theory and practice, and among literature, communities, and landscapes. By thinking of utopia as a heuristic and creative methodology rather than as a narrative closed system, the panel will open up a discussion about the place of imaginaries in our perception of and orientation towards the English countryside; the different ways in which fictional and non-fictional writing and practice by women in South Asia qualify urban environments; and what role artists can play and have played in the regeneration of natural, built and social environments in Cumbria and Lancashire. Further details on the panellists and their contributions in the flyer attached. All welcome.  Utopia, history and the future

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