Future-forming interdisciplinary research

Graphic Futures: New Methods in Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration


10 May 2018, FASS MR 1&3

This workshop offers a space to present, debate, re-design, and re-think interdisciplinary research. It takes as its model the preliminary findings and creative outputs from the ISF’s six-month project, ‘Graphic Futures’, which explored how techniques from graphic fiction could be applied to futures thinking across a broad range of disciplines. But it also does much more than this. Over the course of the day, you will hear from the project designers and project team (drawn from staff at all career stages across campus), meet with creative practitioners, cultural commissioners, scientific advisors and inveterate interdisciplinary researchers, and present and develop your own ideas for future projects. If you don’t have any ideas when you come, you will by the time you leave!

Programme below. To register your attendance please email researchinstitutes@lancaster.ac.uk by Friday 4 May.

Credit Ines Gregori Labarta



9:15 Welcome and introduction to the day (Rebecca Braun, Co-Director ISF)

9:30 Past Graphic Futures: Practitioner’s Talk (Benoît Peeters, Visiting Professor in Graphic Fiction) (MR1)

Hear how the popular French bandes dessinées ‘Cities of the Future’ and ‘Doors into the Possible’ model a shared way of working and might function as springboards for new ways of doing research

10:30 Coffee and poster session: Interactive Open Space I (MR3)

Meet the LU Graphic Futures team and begin re-viewing our world…

With: Liz Brewster (Medical School), Andy Darby (Computing & Communications), Catherine Easton (Law), Erika Fülöp (Languages & Cultures), Charlie Gere (Contemporary Arts), Tajinder Hayer (Creative Writing), Joe Deville (Sociology /Management School), Astrid Nordin (Politics), Emily Spiers (Languages & Cultures), Richard Tutton (Sociology), Johnny Unger (Linguistics)

11:45 Interdisciplinary Imagining as Method: Project Report (Rebecca Braun) (MR3)

Hear the preliminary conclusions from the ‘Graphic Futures’ project’s methodology and set of interdisciplinary exchanges

12:30 Interdisciplinary Eating: Lunch (Break out area)

Mingle with the morning’s project team, meet the afternoon’s expert panel, and try co-designing some ideas with them in an informal setting over lunch

2:00 What is a Method Anyway? (Ted Fuller, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategic Foresight, University of Lincoln) (MR1)

Hear how to think about and use methodology differently from the Editor-in-Chief of Futures, the leading journal in futures research

3:00 Coffee

3:30 Interdisciplinary Ideas Spot: Interactive Open Space II (MR1)

Where will this hour take you? A slightly more structured follow-on from lunchtime conversation, led by Nick Dunn (Professor of Urban Design)

4:30 What skills and methods does the future need? Panel discussion (Chair: Linda Woodhead, Co-Director ISF) (MR1)

Including: John Carney (DSTL, Ministry of Defence), Benoît Peeters, Nick Dunn (Professor of Urban Design), Sally Bushell (Head of English Literature & Creative Writing) and Elena Semino (Head of Linguistics & English Language)

5.30 close



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