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Humanising A.I.


Richard Harper is giving a keynote talk at an event discussing the intersection between human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.

31st May, 1st June, Stockholm, Sweden

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The first day has international speakers from the worlds of HCI & AI, and on the morning of the second day participants will work together on writing up position papers on this intersection.

This workshop is aimed at the intersection of human computer interaction and artificial intelligence. In recent years new AI techniques have had great success in dealing with computational problems that were once thought intractable. These advances are causing a pivot in many basic approaches to technology – with some suggesting that computer science will be reformed with neural architectures at its core. Yet the eventual success or otherwise of these moves will come not from how these new techniques solve elegant problems, but in the impact they have on end users. Here success has been more mixed. Attempts to build “intelligent user interfaces” have been patchy at best. And even in cases where AI has made system easier to use – such as in pre-emptive text entry – systems are prone to odd bugs and behavior. Moreover, as always, these new technical abilities have come alongside new worries about the provenance and control of distant technologies that influence our finances, lives and politics. To explore these issues, this workshop is focused on the challenges of ‘humanizing AI’, bringing together researchers on the boundaries of computer science, human computer interaction and social science. Our goal is to start a conversation around how we might connect together human focused technology research, and more technical led research.

Day one: 31st May – KTH, Nymble student union

9:00 Barry Brown, Introductions and Kickoff

9:10 Richard Harper, “From Wordsworth to Turing: or a route to ‘Humanising AI’”
9:50 Susanne Bødker, “Taming a Run-Away Object: How to Maintain and Extend Human Control in Human-Computer Interaction?”
10:30 Karl Henrik Johansson, “Automating road freight transport: opportunities and challenges”

11:00 Coffee
11:20 Barry Brown, ”HCI and AI: chances for a meaningful relationship?”
11:50 Antti Oulasvirta, “Artificial Intelligence in Design”

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Benjamin Shestakofsky, “Working Algorithms: Software Automation and the Future of Work”
14:10 David Ayman Shamma, “AI for Learning Good Roles from Bad Actors”
14:50 Albrecht Schmidt, “Amplification of the Human Mind and Intervention User Interfaces: New Interaction Paradigms in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

15:30 Coffee
16:00 Steffan Truvé, “Building cyber security analyst centaurs”
16:30 Wendy Ju, “Beyond Brains and Beauty: Design in the Age of AI”
17:10 Closing remarks: Kristina Höök
End 17:30

Day two: 1st June – Old Board Room – KTH – “Gamla Styrelserummet”, building D, Lindstedtsvägen 5, KTH
9:30 Recap on the previous day (Barry)
9:45 Introduction to working groups
10:00 Coffee and Break into working groups
11:45 Report back from group
12:30 Closing remarks & Next Steps
End 13:00

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