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Global Futures: Hope and the Future


The next in a series of Global Futures events ‘exploring burning questions for global society’:

Hope and the Future

What is hope? Is it useful? Realistic? Does hope help us prepare for the future, or does it get in the way? And, as we look down the road, does the future give us reason to hope?

A conversation from many perspectives

Thursday 7 February, 4pm-6pm+ in

D55 Infolab, Lancaster University


Mike Berners-Lee, Director, Small World Consulting

Elizabete Carmo-Silva, Lecturer in Plant Sciences for Food Security

Laura Premack, Lecturer in Global Religion & Politics

David Sobral, Reader in Astrophysics

Andrew Tate, Reader in Literature, Religion & Aesthetics

David Tyfield, Reader in Environmental Innovation and Sociology

 6 x 6 minute talks followed by panel Q&A, discussion with all views welcome, and refreshments

For those who want to, we will regroup, glass in hand perhaps, to discuss what all this means for us personally, locally and at the university.

All welcome. The event will bring together people from across the University, Lancaster city and the local area, so that the question can be explored from fresh angles in a lively but relaxed setting. For catering purposes it will be helpful if you can let us know if you will be attending the event by emailing researchinstitutes@lancaster.ac.uk

How to get there: Infolab is the green and orange building on the university campus overlooking the M6. For D55, turn right at the café on the top floor.

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