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中文演出,英文字幕 Our Vaginas, Ourselves


A Chinese Stage-Play with English subtitles by vaChina, followed by a discussion and question and answer session.

阴道我要大声说| 五月《阴道之道》话剧兰开斯特专场开票啦!

Vagina! Here I Say It Out Loud | Invitation from《OUR VAGINAS, OURSELVES》the Coolest Stage-Play this May in Lancaster



When more and more women speak out the word ‘vagina’ speaking it out loud is no longer something of ‘a big deal.’ Shame is disappearing, violence eradicated; because the vagina is visible and real, connected with women who are strong and intelligent, and those who dare to speak about it.


《阴道之道》是受到话剧Vagina Monologues的启发,沿用其主题和结构方式所开发的原创独立话剧。故事来自对特定群体的采访、参与者自己的生活经验和他们对社会热点议题的观点。

“The way of the vagina” is inspired by the drama Vagina Monologues. The story comes from interviews with specific groups, participants’ own life experiences and their views.

Organised by the Department of Languages and Cultures, Lancaster University, supported by the generosity of alumni and friends of Lancaster University through the Friends Programme

Practical information:

Venue: George Fox Lecture Theatre, Lancaster University

6.30-9.00 pm

Please sign up via Eventbrite:  http://bit.ly/2XQCsA3

Please arrive for 6.15pm to allow seating by 6.30pm.

Parking on campus will be free-of-charge at that time.

Any enquiries, please email Lijun Fan l.fan3@lancaster.ac.uk or Cecile Long s.long2@lancaster.ac.uk

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