People planning a project with post-its on blackboard


Environmental Social Futures

From the challenge of motivating people to engage with the economics of climate change to re-casting how our planet exists in the cosmos, this theme is home to projects that put the smallest of details into the biggest of pictures. If we want a better world, we need to change both thought and action in radically new ways.

Material & Digital Futures

Advances in material science and artificial intelligence are constantly pushing at the boundary of what it means to be human. Our projects explore the new ways of being human that these technological developments will require if they are to make the world a better place.

Cultural and Creative Futures

We all live in the present, all the time, but this present only exists thanks to our past behaviour and our projections into the future. Embracing the deep roots of cultural practices and the transformative power of creative processes, projects in this theme show how we can find and re-make the future all around us as part of a path towards empowering both individuals and society.

Health & Wellbeing Futures

Do we want to live longer, or better, and who are ‘we’ anyway? Projects in this theme explore both practical and ethical questions around how different groups of people relate to their environments, living out their biological lives at the intersections of social, material and physical circumstances.