International Connections

A wide range of international connections support and inspire our teaching, research, and wider engagement.

We support Erasmus exchange opportunities for students on undergraduate and masters courses. Through Lancaster University exchanges, our undergraduate students also visit a wide range of universities including Carleton University (Canada), Waikato University (New Zealand), University of Missouri St Louis (USA) and SUNY Binghamton University (USA).

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We have dual degree partnerships that provide opportunities for students to visit Lancaster for varying periods while being affiliated with a home institution in another country. Our undergraduate degree partnership with the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies allows students to spend 2 years studying Media and Cultural Studies in Guangzhou, China followed by 2 years at Lancaster University.

Our partners for postgraduate degrees include Ritsumeikan University in Japan and Linköping University in Sweden. Lancaster Sociology masters degrees are also awarded through study at the Graduate School for Social Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

Our staff and students come from countries around the world, bringing with them diverse experiences that shape our collaborative and vibrant departmental culture. You can learn more about what some of our alumni have gained from studying at Lancaster.

Our staff are actively engaged in international research communities through roles on international advisory boards and learned societies, as well as keynote lectures and conference presentations at universities around the world. In addition, our research has been published in over twenty languages.

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