Digital Media Studio

The Department of Sociology’s Media and Cultural Studies Digital Media Studio provides students and staff within the Faculty of Arts and Social Science with technology and tools to build and enhance skills in critical (digital) media practices, which can also inform (and be informed by) critical media scholarship

Equipment that comprises this studio will enhance the means by which students and staff engage with cultural theories and practical skills to meet the aims of producing critical and digitally literate citizens. Students will most frequently use this technology related to coursework, dissertations, and projects, including: 

  • Journalistic reports, documentaries, and shorts
  • Digital ethnography
  • Audio documentaries
  • Longform audio journalism
  • Computer programming/hacking initiatives
  • Podcasting
  • Creative digital artwork and installations
  • Digital humanities
  • Mental mapping and city-making projects
  • Service-learning and community storytelling
  • Creative and research projects

Technology provided includes:

Videography and Photography

  • 8 Canon EOS 77D DSLRs with 18-135mm IS USM lenses with memory cards
  • 5 Canon CX10 4K Video Cameras with memory cards
  • 4 lighting kits
  • 13 tripod kits
  • 13 light reflectors
  • 1 camera gimbal

Audio Recording and Editing

  • 13 lavalier mics
  • 8 audio recorders and cases
  • 13 shotgun mics
  • 15 headphones
  • 16 headphone splitter cables
  • 5 Blue Yeti USB microphones and windscreens

Computer Programming

  • 1 24-port managed switch with monitor mode
  • 10 Raspberry Pi 3 Model Bs for programming
  • 10 Raspbian SD cards, preloaded with operating system
  • 8 Raspberry Pi power supplies
  • 4 network cable crimper tools
  • 1 300-meter cat5e network cable
  • 10 16GB USB drives


  • 13 carrying cases for DSLRs and video cameras
  • Rechargeable batteries and charging docks for cameras, recorders, and video cameras
  • SD cards for video cameras and DSLRs

Checking-out Equipment

All equipment is housed in LICA and can be accessed by registering and accessing the Siso system, which will show the items open for use. Please first check with your module instructor or your course coordinator for gaining access to Siso before contacting Dr. Robert Gutsche Jr at for further assistance. Instructors, please contact Dr. Gutsche to enroll students to use the Digital Media Studio equipment. 

Visit here for information on LICA technical offerings, but recognize some of the information (ie editing studios) may not apply to students outside of LICA. Please also visit the LICA link for hours of operation for collecting and returning equipment. Generally, students will be allowed one week for checking out Digital Media Studio equipment and will be required to either return or renew within that time period.

Computer Labs

All ISS Computer Labs have Adobe Creative Cloud for producing and editing digital content. Users may need to provide their own SD card readers to access digital content from cameras, and external drives may be necessary to provide adequate scratch disks for video editing.

Technical Assistance

Visit here  for additional resources on editing and production.

For more information, contact Dr Robert (Ted) Gutsche Jr.