Careers and personal development

Our Masters degrees prepare you for a wide range of careers that require an advanced understanding of societies and social issues.

These include working in local and national government, a range of public sector positions, non-governmental organisations, voluntary sector organisations, teaching in schools and colleges, and researcher positions. Many of our MA students continue their studies with doctoral (PhD) research here at Lancaster.

If you want your masters programme to equip you to work as a competent social scientist in a field that really interests you, our MA in Social Research may be the right choice for you.

Our degrees will equip you with a wide range of skills that appeal to employers and that are transferable to many careers. These include the skills:

  • To critically evaluate and analyse a range of theories and methods used to research society.
  • To analyse historical and contemporary social change and wider arenas of policy debate in a sociologically informed manner.
  • Of advanced understanding of social science methodologies and an ability to appropriately link theory, method and research design.
  • Of proficiency in analysing and interpreting different kinds of data; understanding of the various means of collecting and generating data; and knowledge of the range of sources and investigation techniques available to social science researchers.
  • To summarise and evaluate evidence, carry out synthesis and comparison of arguments.
  • Of proficiency in abstract conceptualisation and written argumentation.
  • To design and carry out a substantial piece of independent academic work under the guidance of a supervisor, including the capacity to define a topic, to articulate a coherent scheme for examining the topic, to gather the necessary information, and to analyse and present this information in a lucid and scholarly manner.
  • Of communicating information, ideas, interpretations, arguments, principles or theories with confidence and clarity both orally and in writing, working both individually and in team work with others.

Read about our alumni, which include international alumni, and how their experiences at Lancaster have shaped their career paths.