Social Work Recruitment Days

Applicants to our Social Work programmes attend our invitation-only recruitment events.

For entry to social work courses we hold several recruitment days between November and April. The recruitment days will introduce applicants to the social work courses at Lancaster University and will give applicants the opportunity to talk informally with social work students, to take a tour of the University campus and to ask questions of the social work teaching team.

On the recruitment days applicants will have to do a:

  • a written exercise
  • a group-based exercise facilitated by a service user or practitioner
  • an individual interview with a member of the social work teaching team.

If you are invited to a recruitment day you will be sent information about the purpose of the three activities. In brief, however, the aim of the activities is to ensure that students admitted to study social work have the potential professional capabilities to practice it on graduation and meet the entry level requirements of the Professional Capabilities Framework (see The activities, therefore, will be concerned, among other things, with assessing your:

  • knowledge and understanding of social work as a professional practice
  • knowledge and understanding of the value and ethical basis of social work
  • ability to critically reflect and analyse
  • ability to write a piece of work with a coherent structure and a visible argument
  • ability to engage with others and the skills needed to do this

The activities will be assessed by social work team members, practitioners and service users.

For those interested in finding out more about our programmes before applying, please visit our Social Work pages and read our Visit Day information.