PhD Scholarship: Future Practices of Data Storage and Data Use

This is a call for applications for a three year, fully funded PhD studentship for UK and EU citizens in the Sociology Department  and Material Social Futures Leverhulme Trust PhD Programme at Lancaster University.

Funding application deadline: 4pm on Friday 1st March 2019

The invention of new materials, such as nanostructures, has created much hyperbole as well as concern. Nanostructures are minute beyond everyday understanding yet capable, in theory at least, of being assembled into new shapes and structures. In the computing industry, these structures are expected to be revolutionary; offering, amongst other things, the promise of quantum data storage. In this context, the PhD investigates past, present and future technologies and practices of data storage and data use to explore if a future in which we ‘store everything’ is desirable, and its potential social and environmental implications. The appointed candidate will decide the focus of the PhD in line with their specific interests and enthusiasms.

The PhD (based in Sociology) will be undertaken alongside PhDs researching the materials science aspects of this topic, in particular related to the devising of nano-scale data storage materials. These and other PhDs will all be members of and participants in a multi-stranded PhD research training programme in Material Social Futures.  The future of data storage and data use is one important part of this programme.


Further information is available below

PhD Scholarship - Data storage - Further information

To discuss this opportunity contact either of the supervisors: Richard Harper, or Nicola Spurling,