Featured staff videos

As a part of contributing to research communities, public discussions and social change, our staff regularly speak at events and interact with the media. While many of these interactions are not recorded, the selection of videos below highlights some of this work. 

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Mobile methods for a mobile world?

Monika Büscher explains the concept of mobile methods and why they are needed to protect the rights and privacy of the individual in modern society.

What is energy for?

Elizabeth Shove and Allison Hui introduce a public exhibition that examined how the history and future of room temperature matter for energy demand.

Financialisation and the financial crisis

Bob Jessop is interviewed about different types of financial crises and their implications for neoliberalism and politics.

What is the point of policing drug laws?

In this TEDx talk, Karenza Moore shares insights into the clubbing world and asks us to consider whether drug prohibition is actually benefiting our society in the 21st Century.

Why we can't afford the rich

Andrew Sayer speaks about wealth inequality and how the systems that allow people to get very wealthy are a problem on the programme Going Underground.

Information and human-machine interfaces

Lucy Suchman explores developments in the study of digital media and how information is irreducibly social and material, virtual and real.

Knowledge and disciplines in the Anthropocene

Bronislaw Szerszynski asks whether there is something about the Anthropocene, the geological age where human activity has been dominant, that challenges how we think about knowledge.

The political aesthetics of disgust

Imogen Tyler discusses the politics of disgust, drawing upon her book Revolting Subjects.

The problems with offshoring

In this TEDx talk, John Urry explains the negative aspects of globalisation and explains the tremendous impact that offshoring has upon all of us.

Feminism and the financial crisis

Sylvia Walby argues that gendered politics are crucial for understanding the financial crisis.

Children, young people and flooding: recovery and resilience

The children who worked on this project have collaborated with the research team and film maker Whitewood & Fleming to produce a six minute film about their experiences and what needs to be done to improve recovery for people who are flooded in the future.

BSA/British Library Equality Lecture October 2016: Professor Andrew Sayer

Professor Andrew Sayer, Professor of Social Theory and Political Economy at Lancaster University, delivered the sixth annual British Sociological Association/British Library Equality Lecture. Drawing on his 8th and most recent book ‘Why We Can’t Afford the Rich’ (2014, Policy Press) Professor Sayer showed how the rich have made an astonishing comeback in many countries in recent decades, controlling increasing proportions of national income and wealth, and gaining considerable political power in the process.

The Saga of a Viking Age Longhouse- Adam Fish

A documentary about the excavation of a Viking Age longhouse in Iceland. Can historical texts and sagas help archaeology.


The Little Book of Answers

Anne-Marie Fortier and others discuss the history, experience and representation of citizenship in the naturalisation process.