Centre for Gender and Women's Studies

The Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies at Lancaster University is unique. Co-directed by Professor Celia Roberts and Dr Vicky Singleton, it is one of the strongest centres in the UK for feminist research, gender studies and women’s studies, and it is the only centre of its kind in the North West of England. In the 2008 RAE, the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, with the Department of Sociology, was ranked in the top 5 units in the UK.

The CGWS community is international. Over the years, our students have come from all over the world including Britain, Canada, Chile, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, Taiwan, Spain, and the United States. Our staff is also international: they come from Australia, Austria, Canada, Britain, India, and the United States, to name a few. We also regularly host visitors – staff, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students – from different parts of the world such as Australia, Canada, Finland, India, Sweden, the United States, again to name just a few.

At the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies you will find a group of people who are excited about their research and who are committed to interdisciplinarity. Feminist technoscience, cultural studies, religious studies, migration studies, multicultural studies, critical race studies, urban studies, postcolonial studies, studies in literature and creative writing, management studies, theatre studies, disability studies, health studies, and more, are all represented in the Centre. We also have links with other research centres and departments.

Why come to the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies at Lancaster University?

At the CGWS, you will not only find an intellectually stimulating and challenging environment, but you will also find a warm, welcoming, supportive and inclusive community. In the course of the year, we hold several events and activities where students and staff from all over the university can meet and exchange ideas on a range of topics: Open Seminars, Research Seminars, Postgraduate workshop, and other seminars, day schools, symposia, conferences or the like. There is always plenty to choose from at the CGWS!