What students do

When studying for a degree at Lancaster, students don't just gain knowledge. They learn about themselves and discover how they can support, challenge, and change the world. Our degrees will help you develop new understandings of the social world, while also building up new skills to interact in the world and support your future career.

You will attend lectures and smaller seminars, where up to 15 students will discuss readings, try out new ideas, and take part in practical activities. Some of our modules involve hands-on workshops, film screenings, or field trips. In addition to interactions during lectures and seminars, both our lecturers and your fellow students are available to support your independent learning outside the classroom.

One of the highlights of our degree is the independent research project students complete at the end of their third year. You can choose any topic that you are interested in, and carry out original research under the supervision of one of our lecturers to learn more about it. To get an idea of what past students have researched, take a look at our featured student dissertations.

A range of placements and internships are also available to students. For more information, visit our careers page.