Media and Cultural Studies

Media and Cultural Studies

Our Media and Cultural Studies degree can be personalised to match your interests. Whether you want to explore diverse topics or can't decide which subject to major in, our flexible degree helps you explore what you are passionate about.

We live in a multicultural society and as part of a media-saturated world. As global citizens we are surrounded by a huge variety of messages, texts, images and representations communicating a host of competing ideas, opinions and values.

Most of what we know about the world comes to us through the media – but how much do we know about the media themselves? Whether sources of information, producers of entertainment or modes of creative self-expression, contemporary media are all too seldom subject to intense scrutiny and critical interrogation, except during feverish moments of scandal, crisis or panic.

Our Media and Cultural Studies programme will provide you with the theoretical insights, analytical skills and wide-ranging knowledge needed to explore the production, meaning and consumption of media and cultural products, to investigate their social, economic and political significance, and to recognise their key role in shaping who we are, what we think, and what we value.

It is also possible to study a combined degree taught by the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts and the Sociology department, BA Film, Media and Cultural Studies.

For further details about our courses and modules see Media and Cultural Studies courses.

Studying and living at Lancaster University is an exciting and beautiful experience! Media and Cultural Studies is taught in a really interactive way and it allowed me to think and reflect upon things I often take for granted.

Martina Nanni, BA Media and Cultural Studies