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Our Sociology degree can be personalised to match your interests. Whether you want to explore diverse topics or can't decide which subject to major in, our flexible degree helps you explore what you are passionate about.

We live in a highly complex and rapidly changing world. A few enjoy unprecedented levels of material comfort, of access to information and education, of health care and life expectancy, of speed and scope of communications, of ease and extent of movement.

At the same time, most are beset by seemingly intractable problems (of poverty, inequality, conflict, discrimination, injustice) and all of us must face up to urgent global threats (finite resources, demographic changes, climate change).

Sociology will enable you to move beyond commonplace everyday assumptions about the world, to explore contemporary human interdependencies, opportunities and challenges, and, through sustained critical analysis, to identify necessary constructive action.

The need for genuine sociological insight has never been more acute. Sociology is about people. Real life. Real problems. Real challenges.

The Sociology degree at Lancaster will change the way you think forever. We invite you to join us in informing change in society today.

For further details about our courses and modules see Sociology courses.

The lecturers and seminar tutors have all been extremely friendly and approachable but, more importantly, knowledgeable and insightful. Engaging with contemporary social issues is a particular interest of mine and I believe that it's a real strength of the Sociology Department.

Tom Millington BA Sociology