Independent dissertation project

Completed over two terms in your final year, the independent dissertation project provides you with the opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt so far, to devise your own research questions, design your own project, and apply your knowledge and skills to the contemporary world.

We help you every step of the way with your project. You receive up to four hours’ worth of individual supervisions with your dissertation tutor across the academic year. We also hold group tutorials to help you in the early stages of working up your dissertation proposal.

Every year, we award prizes to the student with the highest marked dissertation in both Media and Cultural Studies and Sociology courses. The prize is worth £100!

Below, you can read about our students’ experiences of working on their independent dissertation projects, and advice they have for future students.

  • The selfie phenomena: an exploration of gender performativity as self-portraiture

    The selfie, particularly for my generation, has become just another component of day to day activity. What was originally considered merely society’s latest fad has exploded into a contemporary phenomenon that we encounter not only when on holiday or in front of cultural landmarks, but in our homes, in the classroom and even on the toilet.

  • Not as simple as it first appears: the problems of volunteer tourism

    My inspiration for a dissertation topic came from an old memory of mine. After graduating from high school (I was about 17 years old), I was motivated to engage in short term volunteer travel in Africa or Asia. After a period of long and unsuccessful online research I finally abandoned the idea of volunteering abroad.

  • From fear to enjoyment: my dissertation story and survival tips

    ‘Dissertation’ had always been a big and scary word. After hearing students in the years above me stressing over their dissertations, and telling stories of not eating, sleeping or being sociable while writing them, the idea of dissertation time filled me with dread.